Trusting God when you don’t understand

Hey everyone I hope all is well. If you haven’t read my last blog I encourage you to read it. This week of classes and work has been very busy. My professors have been piling assignments from left to right. By the grace of God I have peace. If you guys remembered reading from my last blog that I was not doing good spiritually. I couldn’t understand why I was kicked out of my Education classes. My old apartment I was living at I didn’t have peace living there. So, as I continued to pray and fast and I told God “Despite of whatever is going on I trust you.” After I made that confession to him he start revealing to me of what is his will. I was lead to change my major from elementary education to social work. I can see why he removed me from those education courses. That wasn’t his will for me to be in those classes any more. To be honest it feels so good, that I’m on the right path to graduate soon. I couldn’t understand of why I didn’t have peace of my old living situation. He strengthen me to make my own decisions and that’s actually what I did. I moved to a new dorm and ist better than where I was at a month ago. I learned some things by staying there. I just wanted to encourage you to continue to trust God when you don’t understand. When he comes through for you share your testimony with others. Always remember God loves you.



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