All about my NEW BLACK HAIR!

I’m a big fan of protective styling ranging from box braids to crotchet braids etc. I’m excited I purchased a new wig recently. For the past month I have been desiring to wear a wig with a closure.  I was kind of skeptical of choosing between the wig or straight hair clip ins. The clip ins were pretty but, I don’t believe in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on weave. You can definitely find good quality hair for $50. After doing research on YouTube and reading the reviews on the web. I came across this wig its the Freetress Equal Synthetic Premium Delux Lace Front Wig – EVLYN. This wig is the Below are the pictures of me trying on the wig straight of the package.




I didn’t actually start wearing the wig out in public. Until I purchased the remaining products. So that my wig can be SLAYED! LOL! In the meantime I continued to wear my natural hair in a braid out.


After I received my products for my wig. I cut the lace and used my conclear L.A. Girl PRO Concealer color Fawn. To blend in the middle part with my scalp, to have a natural look. I also used Got2b hair glue to lay the closure on my scalp. Not to mention I tweezed  the closure so, that it can have a natural looking part. I also used Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control. To lay my edges!

Here’s the final result:



This wig is really thick! In which I love, the only con is that its shed a lot. I would recommend to comb thru before wearing. It’s a synthetic wig but, you can flat-iron it to make the hair more sleek. This wig was worth it.

I hope this review was helpful. Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ll like to see more posts like this every now and then. Also, I’m going to start doing some beauty videos on my YouTube Channel so, click here to subscribe.



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