Where have I been?




Ahhhh! Can you believe we all made it to see the year 2017! God is so amazing, so good my king is so powerful. I’m excited in what the Lord has in store for me and your life. I have faith its going to be mind-blowing. I have faith everything we have been praying for over the years will soon come to pass. I’m patiently waiting for the Lord to order our steps to the promise land. Hopefully, I can start blogging more this year and stay consistent. Whatever topic the Lord lies on my heart to be a light in this dark world. Please keep praying and continue to seek God presence. Our Lord will never forsake his children.  Oh yeah one more thing I just uploaded a new video called “Modest Lookbook 2017” on my YouTube channel. Please Like & Subscribe if you haven’t already.


God bless, Brittani


2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Girl, you don’t know how fast I went over to your YouTube channel to check out your modesty lookbook lol. I’ve been wanting to do that for so long. Your outfits were soo cute, you’ve definitely inspired me to do one. 😀


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