A closer walk with God



“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, lay, ‘Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?” “And then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers.!’
Matthew 7:21-23
Wow reading those scriptures just gave me chills. Can you imagine on judgment day or when ever its your last day on this earth that you didn’t even make it home as in heaven. As we know we are living in the last days and Jesus Christ is coming soon. Will you be ready? We will all have to be bow down to God when he comes, it don’t matter our religion or race. Over the past years the Lord has been revealing the signs of the end times, specially last year. Paris attack, Oregon State University shooting, the last blood moon etc. Everything in the bible is being fulfilled right now before our very own eyes. Its time for you to stop playing the lukewarm christian role and be completed devoted to God. Are you ready to embrace him? Are you saved? He’s standing there with his arms wide open waiting for you. Once we leave this earth you are either going to heaven or hell. Repent and confess your sins to God and he will forgive you (Acts 3:19.) If you are ready I will show you the steps on how to get closer to God.
1. Pray with out ceasing
Its very important for us to pray every day. In the morning when you wake up, pray and through out the day continue to pray and at night before you go to bed. Prayer is communication with God. If you want to grow in God, then you can no longer settle for giving him second or third or fourth place. Make friendship with God your first priority.
2. Read your Bible
We must read our bible and continue reading it. You can start in the New Testament and read Matthew. Have a journal with you so that you can write down scriptures as your reading. Get to know God and his commandments don’t just know them, but also obey them. God uses his spirit to his word to accomplish his purposes in you and through you to have an impact on the world. We all have a purpose on this earth to give God glory. Yes, I do agree the Bible is not easy to read at times. The passages are difficult to understand but do not let that discourage you. If you are committed to learning more about God and the story he’s given us in the Bible it will guide you change you and keep you close to him.
3. Go to Church
Just because a person goes to church doesn’t mean they will enter the kingdom of heaven. Satan goes to church to. I advise you to pray and ask God to lead you to a church where the pastor is speaking the true word of God. There are a lot of false prophets in this world and they are in sheep clothing (Matthew 7:15) You see that’s why to important for us to know the bible so that you can recognize the pastor from his fruit rather its good or bad.
4. Get Involved in christian organizations
As you’re getting closer to Jesus its important to surround yourself around like minded people who are devoted to God. Moreover, the bible states “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33. You are probably thinking where am I going to find these people? You can join  different groups at church in your local area. Also Heather Lindsey and her husband Cornelius both sponsor a christian organization for women and men. Pinky Promise and Men Cave. Pinky promise is an nation wide organization for women who  are truly devoted in seeking and honoring God with their body. Men cave is the same perspective but just with men. I added the website links at the bottom.
5. Gospel Music
The world we live in is so full of lust and sin. The music they play on the radio in this generation is beyond sad. Be careful of what you listen to cause certain songs can start planting a seed in your heart where Satan can take advantage of. For instance I don’t listen to love songs because that will cause a seed to plant in my heart. When I get married one day to my husband then  I will listen to love songs. HA HA!! Also be careful of what you watch on television.  Stop listening to music and watching that garbage on television that speaks about sex, lust and profanity. Instead listen to gospel music such as Smokie Norful and Marvin Sapp. Turn that gospel music up and start dancing and praising to God. He is good all the time!!
If you have not receive Jesus Christ as your Savior after reading this would you say this prayer out loud with me:
Father, I ask you to search our hearts forgive us for every wrong we have done and cleanse us from every secret sin. Free us from every distraction, ungodly relationship and hindering spirit that stopping us from getting closer to you. I pray that we can continue to be set apart and be completely devoted to you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!!

2 thoughts on “A closer walk with God

  1. This message truly blessed me sister! I felt the Holy Spirit the entire time while reading. Glory to God! Thank you for serving the body of Christ with this ministry. I pray God’s abundant blessings over you sister!


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